about us

Pan Creations India (PCI) is a revolutionary company that pioneered the manufacture and export of ultra-thin stone veneers back in 2004.


Since then, the company has grown robustly under the collective, inspiring stewardship of Sunil and Deepti Dhariwal. Mr. Dhariwal comes with years of expertise and experience in the geology of stone, given that his previous company manufactured and exported real stone since 1991. Today, PCI continues its legacy of being stone veneer experts, supplying best-quality cut-to-size stone veneers for high-end commercial projects worldwide.


When we think of stone, we instinctively think “tough” and “rigid.” That this beautiful material of nature could be bent was something unimaginable.


Pan Creations was the first company to explore “stone” in a unique manner in 2004 – as ultra-thin and flexible veneer sheets that can be affixed anywhere.


This exciting space is the foundation on which we stand proudly today. PCI was the first Indian company to manufacture and export ultra-thin slate stone veneers worldwide.


Over the years, our unrivalled product quality, flawless execution and honest customer service have brought delight after delight to our customers and their projects. At PCI, we go the extra mile to help a customer’s business flourish, beyond the products we sell.


From art centres, museums, and malls to casinos, hotels, and modern office complexes, our sturdy, beautiful stone veneers adorn so many sites.


It humbles us further when we see the results of that one idea, whose endless possibilities have taken our product across the globe!


Our sense of aesthetic is constantly inspired by not only the latest market trends but also what our customers want. PCI is an Indian-origin company that exports to the whole world, staying true to Make in India.